Nina Goldman

Human geographer and social science enthusiast.

I am a human geographer in a love affair with the social sciences. My interests are wide-ranging and not confined to disciplinary boundaries, so I’ll enjoy anything that will tweak my brain.

I grew up in a bilingual household (English/German) which resulted in my becoming an expert in cultural misunderstandings with a love for the British cuisine, especially Tikka Masala.

When I’m not working on my research, I enjoy introducing young people to sailing, by taking them on week-long trips around the Mediterranean or Baltic Sea. I discovered sailing back in 2011. After a 4 month trip around Europe in 2014 I became part of the active skipper group who are also responsible for the maintenance of two sailing catamarans.

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Contact me if you are interested but have no access to the papers

Goldman N (2021): The taming of the flu. Spatial patterns of influenza-like illness and the challenges and opportunities in immunisation on a city level. Doctoral Thesis, University of Basel, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. DOI: 10.5451/unibas-ep84175

Egli A, Goldman N, Müller N, et al. (2021): High-resolution influenza mapping of a city reveals socioeconomic determinants of transmission within and between urban quarters. Submitted. Preprint available at:

Müller NF, Wüthrich D, Goldman N, et al. (2020): Characterising the epidemic spread of Influenza A/H3N2 within a city through phylogenetics. PLOS Pathogens 16(11), e1008984. doi:

Egli A, Saalfrank C, Goldman N, et al. (2019): Identification of influenza urban transmission patterns by geographical, epidemiological and whole genome sequencing data: Study protocol. BMJ open 9(8), 1-10. doi:

Goldman N, Saalfrank C, Schneider-Sliwa R (2019): Grippeerkrankungen und gesundheitsbezogenes Verhalten in Stadt-quartieren. Ausgewählte Resultate einer Haushaltsbefragung. In: Schneider-Sliwa R (ed.): Stadt, Region, Landschaft. Forschungsbeiträge der Basler Stadt- und Regionalforschung. Basel: Schwabe, 168-173.

Fister W, Goldman N, Mayer M, Suter M, Kuhn NJ (2018): Testing of photogrammetry for differentiation of soil organic carbon and biochar in sandy substrates. Geographica Helvetica 74, 81-91. doi: 


Here are a list of courses and excursions I've had the pleasure of teaching.

BA classes

  • Introduction to Empirical Social Research and Statistics, 2 Statistics lectures, University of Basel, Spring 2020
  • Exercise for the main lecture: System Earth, University of Basel, Autumn 2019/20/21
  • Jura field course, 2sdays University of Basel, Spring 2018/19
  • Human geographic field course, block course, University of Basel, Spring 2017/18/19

MA classes

  • Human geography research colloquium, University of Basel, Spring/Autumn 2019


  • Ecology in agriculture and forest management, 1 day, Autumn 2021
  • Energy and sustainability in Basel, 1 day, Autumn 2020/21
  • Poverty in Basel, 1 day, Autumn 2017/18/19/20/21
  • Spatial transformations and space (re)uses in the city of Zurich, 1 day, Spring 2019/20/21
  • Urban development and spatial structures in Berlin, 3 days, Autumn 2018/19
  • City and port development in Kleinbasel, 1 day, Autumn 2019 
  • Trinational human geography excursion (CH, DE, F) for the Sun Yat-sen University, China, 14 days, Summer 2018



Ever wondered what research actually looks like? Or what we do during field excursions?